How to nominate

The how to nominate guide describes what makes a good nomination.

Employees must submit nominations via the online nomination form (physical forms will not be considered eligible).

All submissions must address the award criteria by 5pm on Friday 12 August. Late nominations will not be accepted.

We encourage you to include supporting documentation (photos, examples, positive feedback etc), which address and provide further evidence of the award criteria being met.

How to nominate guide

Care Awards – recognising excellence

Recognising good people for the excellent work they do is vital.

The National Regis Care Awards is one of many ways we celebrate and appreciate our employees, teams and volunteer’s care and effort.

This year, the nomination period is from 7 July until Friday 12 August.

Nominations that garner the most attention incorporate detailed examples.

Fill out the nomination form correctly. Remember to include:

  • The correct spelling of everyone’s names
  • The Home, site or office’s details
  • The nominee’s job role at their site
  • An email address for at least one person
  • Only one category per nomination is allowed
  • The category criteria your nomination refers to
  • No self-nominations (except for Initiative or Innovation of the Year)

Tell us the nominee’s story in 50 words* or more (i.e. what they have done, provide examples, testimonials and feedback), explaining how they:

  • assist our customers, families, fellow staff or Regis’ processes
  • are a good leader
  • show compassion and respect
  • make your site, service or team a better place

*Resident and families may nominate employees using three or more words.

An individual, team, project, site or service can be nominated for more than one category, but require a separate nomination per category.

For any queries, please email Nominate now to recognise and celebrate great Regis people!