2021 National Regis Care Awards

Do you know a Regis employee, volunteer or team that goes above and beyond?

The National Regis Care Awards recognise and celebrate our employees, teams and volunteers who go above and beyond every day while embracing the Regis Way (Optimism, Passion, Integrity and Respect).

It’s time to recognise the significant contribution they make, acknowledge the extraordinary care they provide, and celebrate all that they do.

Nominations close on Friday 6 August 2021.

Let’s honour our resilient, dedicated and passionate Regis people.

Please remember:

  • Residents, family, friends and visitors (only) can submit using the paper nomination form available in each Home or site
  • Everyone, including employees, volunteers and visitors may nominate via the nomination form on this website
  • All individual employee nominees must have more than six months service with Regis as at 31 July 2021
  • All projects or programs nominated must be in pilot or operational mode for a minimum of six months and a maximum of 36 months as at 30 July 2021
  • All employee nominations must be at least 50 words.